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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

With the ascendant future of knowledge-based economy and the development of the global economy, enterprises should pay more attention to personnel, establish the correct attitude of talent, the attention of talent should be put at the height of corporate strategy, active human factors should be regarded as the enterprise "First Capital. "

1. Talent is the life Management guru Peter Drucker once said: "Tomorrow's competitiveness of enterprises depends on competitiveness of today 's talent. University of California, Paul. Romer created the human capital model which thought to be the cornerstone of the economic growth theory by the Western mainstream school.The model says that the rate of economic growth and human capital stock is proportional. When Sunzi a famous military strategist in ancient China also attaches great importance to talents, in his "Sunzi.seek attack Chapters "said:"When a man assisted a country, strategy considerable will help the country strong, careless omission oversight will lead the country to be weak. "Talent is not only important to the prosperity of the country and its people’s fate, but also a company. Therefore, comparing talent to the life of a company is not excessive. Today, we analyse all successful enterprises, we will find a common point, these companies have a new scientific concept of talent, with a group of reliable professionals, and business managers are good at using talented people.

2. Talent is the primary resource Resources is the basic element that promotes economic of society development. Enterprise resources have two types, one is material resources, the other is human resources, material resources are material factors, human resources is the human factors. The value created by material resources in time and space is directly visible and measurable. The human resources are the most active critical and unique factor and are the core of the productivity. Human Resources has the polymerization on the material resources of the enterprise, where aggregation of human resources, where material resources will flow to, only through the optimal combination of human resources, material resources can play a bigger effect.

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